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Kia Orana

Have you ever dreamt about living in a tropical paradise? Not just living there, but being paid to do so too? Perhaps you want to return home? Or maybe you are already here and looking for a career change?

If you have the required qualifications for the positions we are featuring, then you could well be offered that opportunity.

Essentially, we are looking for suitable people to come and work in one of nature's truly beautiful places: the Cook Islands.

Just a few hours flight time from New Zealand and Australia and a slightly longer flight from Los Angeles, the Cook Islands is the fastest-growing holiday destination in the South Pacific, and from time to time, we need people to support that visitor industry and the infrastructure required to sustain it.

Each year the islands have approximately one thousand jobs to fill.

If you’re a Cook Islander either at home or thinking about coming home, and you have the required skills, we’d like to give you the first shot at those jobs.

So if you’re sick of playing with the traffic in Auckland, Tokoroa, Melbourne or the Gold Coast and want to come home, keep checking out our site.

We also welcome people from other countries with the appropriate qualifications to apply. We can help you access information about the documentation you may require.

About 150 thousand visitors will come to the Cook Islands to holiday this year, and the numbers continue to grow.

They come for the warmth of the climate, the relaxed lifestyle and the friendly, helpful people.

For more information, have a look around this website and come back frequently. 

If you’re an employer with a vacancy, we’d love to hear from you, too, to help you find the best person for your role.

Kia Manuia



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